I am primarily a MacOS user who does most of my analytics and presentation work in R / RStudio / RMarkdown, so it was natural to take advantage of using the R blogdown package.

Many others have already documented nice tutorials on how to get a blog started with blogdown, Hugo, GitHub, and Netlify, so I’ll just reference a number of resources that I found particularly helpful. Also, I chose to use the tranquilpeak Hugo theme, as I liked the look of it, and it generally seems to play well in this environment.

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Hello world!

This blog will serve as a place to share data science analyses, professional and personal projects, snippets of useful code, and other various geekery. The blog’s initial focus will likely be on R as applied to data science and machine learning and technological approaches to improving clinical care.

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Joseph Chou

Clinician and unabashed geek

Neonatologist and aspiring Data Scientist

Boston, Massachusetts USA